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Indian Point Recycling Center

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Hours:            9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Thursdays

The center is located in Indian Point Village near the Helicopter Pad (Take Indian Point Road to Table Rock Circle to Wolf Road and follow recycle signs to center).  This center is staffed by volunteers. Call 417-338-5599 if you have questions or need special arrangements to recycle


Items accepted for recycling (Please rinse with water all metal and plastic containers):

Criteria       newspapers/newspaper inserts (clean & dry)

Criteria       junk mail/envelopes (cellophane windows okay)

Criteria       magazines/catalogs/calendars-no spiral binder

Criteria       books (hardback & paperback; remove all plastic)

Criteria       shredded paper

Criteria      wrapping paper from purchases and holiday wrap

Criteria             corrugated cardboard (clean, dry and flattened)

Criteria          plastic #1-5 (No Lids)

Criteria          aluminum cans

Criteria             tin & steel cans (clean and flatten with labels removed)

Criteria           pasteboard (Flattened cereal, beverage, pasta boxes, etc.)

Criteria         office paper (no plastic/metal; office staples okay)



We do NOT accept the following:

Criteria      glass (Springfield Recycle Centers accepts all glass - see or call 417-864-1904)

Criteria      aerosol cans

Criteria      aluminum foil or foil wrap

Criteria      gift wrapping ribbons

Criteria      batteries (Branson recycles)

Criteria      clear plastic food containers (Springfield recycles)

Criteria      Styrofoam in any form (UPS stores accept packing peanuts)

Criteria      frozen food microwave dishes (Springfield recycles)

Criteria      plastic trash bags/plastic sacks/plastic lined bags (Walmart accepts plastic bags)

Criteria      diapers/tissue/toiletries/foil lined paper

Criteria      juice boxes/bags/cartons (nothing wax/plastic coated)

Criteria      food tainted items (napkins/paper towels/no pizza boxes)

Criteria      frozen food/ice cream/milk/soymilk cartons

Criteria      pet food bags/original blue prints/thermal fax paper

Criteria      food waste & garbage

Criteria      plastic toys/furniture

Criteria      yard waste




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