Hurly Recycle Center


Hours: 2nd and 4th Saturdays: 10:00 a.m. - Noon

(Closed Major Holidays)

Hurly Recycle Center is located east of City Hall in the fenced area (follow the chat drive). Call (417) 369-3420 for more information.

Items accepted for recycling (Please rinse with water all metal and plastic containers):

*       Glass (bottle, jar and plate no frames)

*       newspapers/newspaper inserts (clean & dry)

*       beer and soda flats

*       magazines/catalogs

*       books (hardback & paperback; remove all plastic)

*       shredded paper

*       telephone books

*       Pasteboard (Flattened cereal and pasta boxes, etc.)

*       cardboard (clean, dry and flattened; no pizza boxes)

*       brown paper bags

*       office/school paper

*       bottle plastic #1 thru #5 stamped in triangle on bottom of bottle

*       clear plastic food containers

*       tin & steel cans (remove food, liquids and rinse thoroughly)

*       aluminum cans

We do NOT accept the following:

*       Dishes, pottery, Corning Ware

*       aerosol cans

*       aluminum foil

*       batteries

*       frozen food microwave dishes

*       diapers/tissue/toiletries/foil lined paper

*       juice boxes/bags/cartons (nothing wax/plastic coated)

*       food tainted items (napkins/paper towels/no pizza boxes)

*       frozen food/ice cream/milk/soymilk cartons

*       pet food bags/original blue prints/thermal fax paper

*       food waste, yard waste & garbage